Feb 5, 2014

Santo António, Principe

Santo António is the capital of Principe Island.
The first image of Principe liked a garden.

It was so beautiful, especially overview this city from plane.
(↑the top photo)

↓The map of Santo António from Openstreetmap.

Everyone will see this garden in Santo António,
Actually, its name is Praça Marcelo da Veiga.

In addition, there is free Wi-Fi in this park.
It is convenient for traveler~

The government buildings are around the park,
such as Palácio do Governo Regional (Local Government),

Assembleia Regional (Regional Assembly)

The old pier of Santo António.

The city view of Santo António

Although it is a city,
it like a town, and very quiet and clean.
Only thousands of residents here.

 Santo António is around by mountain area.

Here are some panorama of Santo António
Panorama of São Tomé 聖多美全景圖2

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