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About Sao Tomese 1

About Sao Tomese 2

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Carnival in São Tomé聖多美嘉年華

Images in school, Principe


Panorama of São Tomé 聖多美全景圖1

Panorama of São Tomé 聖多美全景圖2

São Tomé city views聖多美市區1

São Tomé city views聖多美市區2

São Tomé city views聖多美市區3

First image of Lagoa Azul, São Tomé初訪藍湖

Santo António, Principe


Roça Boa Entrada莊園, São Tomé

Roça Amparo II 莊園 , São Tomé

Roça Sundi, Príncipe

Roça Sundi 2, Príncipe

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