Jun 1, 2013

Panorama of São Tomé 聖多美全景圖2

 I lived in Sao Tome more than half year.
And I stayed in Principe about one month.
Here I shared some panorama photos about Santo António, Príncipe.

Santo António is the capital of Principe island, it is small but clean.

↓The river (Rio Papagaio) in this city.

↓The city view of Santo António
The avenue in Santo António, Avenida Mártires da Liberdade

↓The plaza in Santo António, Praça Marcelo da Veiga

There is a beautiful bay of Santo António, (Baia de Santo António)
and a beach here at low tide.

↓ at high tide

↓The football field in Santo Antonio

↓↓This one is not at Santo Antonio, it is a elementary school of Nova Estrela.
There is another photo page in my blog:
Images in school, Principe


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