May 7, 2013

Images in school, Principe

When I was in São Tomé and Príncipe,
I visited an elementary school of Nova Estrela, Príncipe.

Elementary school in Portuguese is “escola primaria.”
This was my first time into the school,
and there were so many children here.
Although they were a little noisy, they looked so cute!

In the class, the children were so quiet on the lesson.
Because the school was not enough for all the children,
the classes separated to morning and afternoon two parts.
The classes in the morning was from Am 8 to 12 hours,
and the afternoon was from pm 1 to 5 hours.
Therefore, I saw a lot of children outside at any time.

The uniform of elementary school in Sao Tome was always in blue.

When I went into a class,
I was so glad
that in the map Taiwan and China is in different color according the facts.

There were some handsome boys.
However, when I praised them bonito (means handsome in Portuguese),
some girls rebutted them and said feio (means ugly in Portuguese).
It was so funny between boys and girls.

At the same time, there were a lot of little children left kindergarten.
They saw me took a camera, and ran to me ask for taking photo.
It was so cute they stood a raw waiting for me for photos. :)

There was another panorama photo of this school.
Panorama of São Tomé 聖多美全景圖2

Good luck for every child!

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