Nov 6, 2011

Postcrossing stats 2011 Nov

It is about Postcrossing project
(This a postcard exchange online project: )

Now(2011 Nov.6), I'm being a member of Postcrossing for over one year(402days).
More and more postcards I received in this year.
I got so many cute, beautiful and special cards.
Although, I'm so busy for my experiment of my Lab,
and I don't have enough time to describe each card.
However, I still do my best to share some special cards that I received!
Enjoy postcard!

Now, I have sent 229 cards, and received 210 cards.

I never thought that I will got so many cards in one years ago!

And more and more countries I got them!

The tops countries are: Germany, Finland, USA, Netherlands, Taiwan, and so on.
The rank is a little different from the postcards sent by countries

The stat was screened on 6th Nov 2011.
We still can see Finns do well on Postcrossing!

The mail from Postcrossing:

What is the Happy factor?

Finally, I share this card, because I hope I can do well on the study in these two years!
From: Germany
Date: 1 June, 2011
Sender: buecher_wurm

Happy Postcrossing!

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