May 1, 2011

Postcrossing stats 2011 APR

Since last summer, I have joined the Postcrossing for 4 month.
I sent the postcard very hard, so my ranking is better than before.
(This a postcard exchange online project: )

This month was very differnt,
the big earthquake and tsunami inflict Japan.
I was very worried about the situation when I known the bed news.
So I wright something to encourage them,
I hope that they can pass the hard time in Japan.
And then I got their responce from Japan, it was so warm~
Such as:

And finally thanks so much for the many support&kindness from your country
about this earth quake.We much appreciate it.Thanks from my heart.

*Best wishes*

Another one:
I was so happy to received your postcard that I read it so many times.
Many thanks!

And thank you also so much for the kind thoughts to my country.
We heard on TV news that the poeple of Taiwan donated so much money for the
victims and we are so appreciated!!
We will never forget about this!

Thank you!!

Good luck to Japan!
Postcrossing is a warm place for everyone in whole the world!

This is my postcard map

Happy postcrossing!


  1. Hello :)

    Thank you for your postcard, i love your blog very much.
    I wish u all the best and i linked you on my blog!


  2. Wow Thank you! I'm glad you love my blog so much^^

  3. Cool, you get cards from all over the world! Your card I really liked it:) Thank you for your comment on my blog:)




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